The Riddle is a live TV show produced by a dynamic team of 33 students from the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. The show is ‘the place where twisted minds come to play’ and intends to solve dark riddles. Besides featuring four live guests, the show includes field segments, commercials and much more. Preparation of the concept took three weeks at the NHTV, whilst the execution happened in three vibrant weeks at Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom.

For this show, Iconick fulfilled the role of Studio Graphics, as well as Camera Operator and Editor for the Behind the Scenes video. Don’t forget to watch the Behind the Scenes below!

Length: 00:30:20 [Show starts at 00:01:00]

Aaron Jones-Keen
Sarah Martineau
Jerome Ruddick
Bradley Wyatt

Roos van der Hijden (Head of Marketing)
Liselot Smulders (Head of Production)
Mats Pilger (Head of Content)
Lotte Brekelmans (Assistant Producer)
Estela Lindes Creus (Director Studio/Head of Design/Animation)
Mihaela Dimitrova (Make-Up Artist)
Luca Eikelbeck (Field Director/Producer/Camera Operator Studio)
Natalie Friedman (Producer)
Iva Gagarova (Make-Up Artist)
Illia Goriainov (Director Studio)
Michel Hazen (Runner)
Sanne de Hoop (Host Studio)
Kjelwyn van Houten (Host Field/Runner)
Iconick (Camera Operator Behind the Scenes/Editor Behind the Scenes/Studio Graphics)
Louise IJpelaar (Teleprompter)
Diamanda Ayasha Idris Kadri (Camera Operator Studio)
Hristo Kanov (Camera Operator Studio & Behind the Scenes)
Lisanne Kreling (Head of Runners/Set Producer)
Robin Kuijper (Floor Manager/Lighting Design)
Madlien Mers (Audio Assistant Studio/Research)
Rebecca Onkelbach (Production Coordinator/Head of Make-Up/Runner)
Carlijn Peeters (Audio Studio/Scriptwriter/Set Design)
Maarten van der Poel (Editor Field/Runner/Website)
Isa Romijn (Runner)
Nina Smeijsters (Camera Operator Studio)
Rachel Sommers (Assistant Producer)
Steffi Swinkels (Assistant Design/Marketing/Social Media)
Marije Telgenkamp (Catering)
Loes van Tilborg (Lighting Operator)
Eline van Velthoven (VT Operator/Behind the Scenes Producer)
Naomi Verboom (Runner)
Britta Wetzels (Production Assistant/Production Manager)
Kelsey van Zoggel (Audio Field/Vision Mixer)

Special Thanks
Nova Ambachtsheer-van Schijndel (Lecturer NHTV)
Brigitte Castel (Lecturer NHTV)
Fritz Kohle (Lecturer NHTV)
Adrian Butterworth (Lecturer Bournemouth University)
Steph Farmer (Lecturer Bournemouth University)
Alan Fox (Lecturer Bournemouth University)
Gary Hayton (Lecturer Bournemouth University)
Tom Stone (Student Mentor Bournemouth University)
Ashley Woodfall (Lecturer Bournemouth University)
Ellie Beazly (Student Mentor Bournemouth University)
Matthew Kettel (Student Mentor Bournemouth University)
Karishma Naik (Student Mentor Bournemouth University)
Serafina Pang (Student Mentor Bournemouth University)