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You say you want that double dose of dopeness? Gotcha. The Hypes & Vibes Podcast discusses everything you should care about in areas such as street culture, music, food and spirituality. The first episode of this unique, monthly video podcast kicks off with ‘litty’ as the slang of the month, racism, a guest rant of Stacey Grind and much more. We are pleased to absorb all o’ that constructive feedback.

“Never on time, always on point.”

Hypes & Vibes
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Concept: Xuan Thai x Iconick
Production: Xuan Thai | @sunplify
Camera, audio, edit & animation: Iconick | @ByIconick
Logo & character design: Freddie Wauters | @thegirlsigns
Music: Ethnic Sounds | @stacey_grind x @nameisdaryll
Recording location: Lucky Dubz Studio | @studioluckydubz

Thanks a milli:
Kunya Hoang | @oneofthehoangs
Thiago Mereilles | @djthiagomereilles

I feel it is highly essential to check up on us as we address everything you ever wanted to hear (and see) about. Combine that with laughter, a decent dose of tasty snacks and great company and you got this wholesome vibe.

Hereby a somewhat awkward announcement where i’m hyping up The Hypes & Vibes Podcast like it’s our own thing. 🤓😎 Also when we filmed this I just got a fresh tattoo that I definitely wanted to show off… Can you tell by the unnatural pose I was flexin’? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyhooo… Stay tuned for our first Hypes & Vibes podcast pilot episode. Never on time, always on point.

Tomorrow the first episode of The Hypes & Vibes Podcast drops at 12.00 PM CET and we are so excited! To give you a little taste of what you can expect, we hit you with a few teasers. What about those stitches in the Air Max 90 reissues? 🤔

In anticipation of tomorrow’s release of the first episode… Teaser 2! As it seems, Kunya and Iconick are just easily distracted. Or Xuan needs to work on her delivery. Wondering how it unfolds? Check out The Hypes & Vibes Podcast! 🎃

Fire or nah? In this teaser you’ll find out whether Iconick can handle the “Flaming Hot” Cheetos or not. Being the last teaser of three, we hope you will enjoy the first (pilot) episode of The Hypes & Vibes Podcast. Please let us know what you think of it!