The Hypes & Vibes Podcast | Season 01 Outtakes

© Copyright 2020 Hypes & Vibes Creating the first season of The Hypes & Vibes Podcast was a blast! Not only have we turned our independent concept into reality and did we deepen bonds with our guests, but we also learned more about ourselves and the topics we touched upon. In order [...]

The Hypes & Vibes Podcast | Season 01 Outtakes2021-03-01T01:35:28+00:00

LINK 48 Uurs Project Aftermovie

© Copyright 2020 Iconick In only 48 hours, a diverse group of enthusiastic actors and producers put together an exciting show to perform for a COVID-safe audience. By creating such magic, Link Jongerentheater proves that performing under pressure is no problem at all.

LINK 48 Uurs Project Aftermovie2021-03-01T00:51:40+00:00

The Hypes & Vibes Podcast | Episode 02

© Copyright 2020 Hypes & Vibes Guess who's back... Back again... Hypes & Vibes are back... Tell a friend. Whoo whee, the second episode of The Hypes & Vibes Podcast is here! Every month we will touch upon new subjects within the areas of street culture, music, food, spirituality and much more. [...]

The Hypes & Vibes Podcast | Episode 022021-03-01T00:40:55+00:00

The Hypes & Vibes Podcast | Episode 01

© Copyright 2020 Hypes & Vibes You say you want that double dose of dopeness? Gotcha. The Hypes & Vibes Podcast discusses everything you should care about in areas such as street culture, music, food and spirituality. The first episode of this unique, monthly video podcast kicks off with 'litty' as the [...]

The Hypes & Vibes Podcast | Episode 012021-03-01T00:41:31+00:00

All Cities of the Netherlands: Schoonhoven

© Copyright 2020 Iconick The Netherlands is full of interesting places to visit. Places that provide unequaled sights, one of which is Schoonhoven – the Silver City. Iconick was there with his camera to capture it all.

All Cities of the Netherlands: Schoonhoven2020-10-02T13:49:38+00:00

Iconick – 2001 Brain Challenge

One of the greatest MCs in the Netherlands – Brainpower – launched his '2001 Brain Challenge' in which one is challenged to drop 16 bars on the fresh beat by Ojay. Couldn't help but jot a little something-something (in Dutch) on that one.

Iconick – 2001 Brain Challenge2020-08-25T18:26:22+00:00

All Cities of the Netherlands: Heusden

No script. No rehearsals. Just a spontaneous short clip in which Iconick talks a little about the fortified city of Heusden. Hop along the journey through all cities of the Netherlands, which are being photographed, showcased and eventually published in a book. Stay tuned for more!

All Cities of the Netherlands: Heusden2020-08-25T16:15:40+00:00

Festival 39Graden 2020 Aftermovie

Theater is a vibe! During the 12th edition of Festival 39 Graden in Podium Bloos, more than 40 great performances of talented minds happened in front of my camera. Catch a glimpse!

Festival 39Graden 2020 Aftermovie2020-05-08T23:16:53+00:00

Confirmative Inception (January 2020)

Confirmative Inception (Jan 2020) Lyrics: © Iconick – Blauwe Vinkjes (18) Normen en waarden zijdezacht als een kussensloop De mens is een tragedie die ik vlug sus en troost Heb je m’n rug als ik op m’n rug lig, rusteloos? Tijd zal het leren dus alvast welterusten, goos Kan je echt niet [...]

Confirmative Inception (January 2020)2020-05-08T23:04:26+00:00

One Regular Semester in the United States of America

This video is the sixth part of the One Regular Day Series in which Iconick shares his travel adventures. In this special episode not one regular day is depicted, but rather a whole semester. In the course of five months, the traveling span included cities in the desert, metropolitans and even a [...]

One Regular Semester in the United States of America2020-05-16T14:26:26+00:00

Time to Momo App Experience

Time to Momo is a Dutch based provider of unique travel guides – both digital through the app and physical. Since the guides consist of the best recommendations by locals of each and every destination, the app should take the experience one step further. As a concept proposal video, view the exciting [...]

Time to Momo App Experience2020-04-21T13:28:53+00:00

BUAS Master in Media Innovation Promo

Looking for a challenging master that explores the intriguing aspects of the media industry? Breda University of Applied Sciences offers the Master in Media Innovation (MMI) in which devoted students learn to find creative solutions for creative problems.

BUAS Master in Media Innovation Promo2020-04-21T13:24:21+00:00
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