One Regular Semester in the United States of America

This video is the sixth part of the One Regular Day Series in which Iconick shares his travel adventures. In this special episode not one regular day is depicted, but rather a whole semester. In the course of five months, the traveling span included cities in the desert, metropolitans and even a [...]

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United States of America 2018 Through the Lens of Iconick

Finally. It is here. The visual journey through the U.S. in which I tried to visit as many inspiring places as possible. 680 pages of dedication, presented to you. Buy it here Watch the One Regular Semester video [...]

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Philadelphia 2018

Population (2018) Size Country 1,526,006 369 km² United States of America Philly is the last stop of my journey through the United States. The city is magnificent for having something to be seen at literally every street corner, such as the famous LOVE statue, Rocky Steps and Clemente Park and Playground [...]

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New York 2018

Population (2018) Size Country 8,622,698 1,212 km² United States of America It's been a huge fantasy for a long time, but I finally got to discover New York City. As I was overwhelmed by all vibrant advertising the concrete jungle bombarded on me, it became very clear that this really is [...]

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Washington D.C. 2018

Population (2018) Size Country 672,000 177 km² United States of America When exploring The States, a visit to the capitol is essential. It may be surprising that Washington D.C. doesn't belong to any state, resulting in residents being unable to vote in Congress and Electoral College. What the city does have [...]

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Phoenix 2018

Population (2018) Size Country 1,600,000 1,344 km² United States of America The capital of Arizona and the sixth most populous city of The States, housing over 1.6 million people. Generally, the city has a constant temperature flow between 30 and 40˚C which equals 86-104˚F. Even locals admitted to me that they [...]

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Prescott & Cottonwood 2018

Population Prescott (2018) Size Country 42,000 117 km² United States of America Population Cottonwood (2018) Size Country 12,000 43 km² United States of America Beauty is to be found in small things. Or small places from the Yavapai County, like Prescott and the nearby Cottonwood. The green areas of [...]

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Hunter’s Journey

Being inspired by the freedom along the road of Route 66. It remembers Hunter of the personal journey of people to be someone – to identify oneself. Hunter is the author of an in-depth, braided essay. Iconick, in addition, captures this essence in the field of location portraiture. Our unique collaboration exemplifies how [...]

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Grand Canyon 2018

Size Country 435 km long, between 15 and 29 km wide United States of America The Grand Canyon is probably the most famous canyon in the United States. It is located in Northern Arizona and has two parts: the North Rim and the South Rim. Due to dangerous conditions in extreme [...]

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San Diego 2018

Population (2018) Size Country 1,300,000 963 km² United States of America Adventure continued during the rest of the week. Iconick slid back onto US ground to explore the eloquent streets of San Diego. Great vibes! View the book View the One Regular Semester video [...]

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Puerto Peñasco 2018

Population (2018) Size Country 65,000 9,774 km² Mexico The desire to face a midweek of sun, sea and beach. Iconick crossed the border to discover the exquisite environment of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. ¡Fue muy divertido! View the book View the One Regular Semester video [...]

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Utah 2018

Size Country 71,000 km² (Monument Valley) 407 m long (Lower Antelope Canyon) 1,300 m long overlook (Horseshoe Bend) United States of America As one of my favorite road trips, Utah showed me lots of breathtaking sights in the perfect spacious environment. We made miles and miles and miles to witness the [...]

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