All Cities of the Netherlands: Schoonhoven

© Copyright 2020 Iconick The Netherlands is full of interesting places to visit. Places that provide unequaled sights, one of which is Schoonhoven – the Silver City. Iconick was there with his camera to capture it all.

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All Cities of the Netherlands: Heusden

No script. No rehearsals. Just a spontaneous short clip in which Iconick talks a little about the fortified city of Heusden. Hop along the journey through all cities of the Netherlands, which are being photographed, showcased and eventually published in a book. Stay tuned for more!

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All Cities of the Netherlands Through the Lens of Iconick Teaser

As you may know, Iconick embarked on a journey that seeks to portray all cities of the Netherlands. So far, lots of varying spots are explored but it also brings forward all things these cities, cultures and inhabitants have in common. Every city will be showcased in two high quality pages that depict [...]

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Malmö 2019

Population (2019) Size Country 344,166 77 km² Sweden An utterly comfortable 40-mins train ride from Copenhagen is all it took to explore the charming areas of Malmö. Being the third biggest city of Sweden, lots of contemporary residences and modern art complement the environment. Oh, and those Swedish meatballs? They. Are. [...]

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Copenhagen 2019

Population (2019) Size Country 630,000 88 km² Denmark Atmospheric terraces. Bicycle overload. Watery surroundings. If you're a Dutchie like me, it may feel like home when traveling to Copenhagen. There are subtle differences, though, such as cleaner streets, more friendliness and... Way. Higher. Prices. Noteworthy expensive as they come, the Danish [...]

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Bratislava 2019

Population (2019) Size Country 433,000 368 km² Slovakia The Trip of the Three B's could have been the name of this album as well, as Budapest, Brno and Bratislava were explored. The train route to the capital of Slovakia was convenient and fast, prepping us for lots of sightseeing. If it [...]

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Brno 2019

Population (2019) Size Country 378,000 230 km² Czech Republic Being the second biggest city of the Czech Republic, visiting Brno has been truly delightful. Not only is the level of touristic rush notably less than in the capital, it also holds tons of interesting sights to check out! Hop in the [...]

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Berlin 2018 Through the Lens of Iconick

Berlin in the building! Of course, many people who visited the German capital know it is a vibrant and diverse city, full of great food, vivid street culture and interesting places. But have you been to a deserted theme park? An abandoned child's hospital? A secret look-out point that only few people know [...]

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Budapest 2019

Population (2019) Size Country 1,764,000 525 km² Hungary After the unification of Buda, Óbuda and Pest, the capital of Hungary has become a bucket list destination for many. An utterly justified one, because it is a city that has lots to offer. Find versatility in all districts, share a word with [...]

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One Regular Semester in the United States of America

This video is the sixth part of the One Regular Day Series in which Iconick shares his travel adventures. In this special episode not one regular day is depicted, but rather a whole semester. In the course of five months, the traveling span included cities in the desert, metropolitans and even a [...]

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Rome 2018 Through the Lens of Iconick

Ohh, Rome. You're so bellissima. From ancient savagery to symbolic romance. From bottles of limoncello to tasty gnocchi. From me to you: it has been another amazing chapter in life. View the photos

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Brussels 2018

Population (2018) Size Country 11,376,070 161 km² Belgium Perfect weather conditions during this trip to the capital of Belgium. Above all explored spots, it can carefully be confirmed that Manneken Pis is indeed Europe's most disappointing attraction. [...]

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