The Hypes & Vibes Podcast | Season 01 Outtakes

© Copyright 2020 Hypes & Vibes Creating the first season of The Hypes & Vibes Podcast was a blast! Not only have we turned our independent concept into reality and did we deepen bonds with our guests, but we also learned more about ourselves and the topics we touched upon. In order [...]

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Sneakerness Rotterdam 2019

What a great edition it has been again – Sneakerness Rotterdam 2019. I am so glad to have seen new faces, old faces, young and old, sneaker enthusiasts, sneaker newbies... Just every single soul that came by to catch a vibe at my photo booth: thank you deeply! I crave your enthusiasm and [...]

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Sneakerness Rotterdam 2018

Come in, we are awesome! In another successful Sneakerness edition, Iconick partnered up with Isis Inc. to host a pop-up photo booth in which visitors can get crazy restyles and popping pictures. Flyness to the fullest. Additionally, the event is way more than a place to buy exclusive footwear. It is all-round; it [...]

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Sneakerness Rotterdam 2017

Once it's Sneakerness time, my mind gets all jolly. Why? Because that means I am going to gather with all my sneaker friends from all over the world again. Precisely that happened, but now for the first time in Rotterdam. Hence; extra jolly! Iconick was fortunate enough to host a photo booth sponsored by CameraNU, which [...]

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