Berlin 2018 Through the Lens of Iconick

Berlin in the building! Of course, many people who visited the German capital know it is a vibrant and diverse city, full of great food, vivid street culture and interesting places. But have you been to a deserted theme park? An abandoned child's hospital? A secret look-out point that only few people know [...]

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Rome 2018 Through the Lens of Iconick

Ohh, Rome. You're so bellissima. From ancient savagery to symbolic romance. From bottles of limoncello to tasty gnocchi. From me to you: it has been another amazing chapter in life. View the photos

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Winter Shoot With Marieke

Whilst it gets colder outside, Iconick maintains the desire to capture strong and appealing visuals. This winter session portrays the brightful appearance of Marieke!

Winter Shoot With Marieke2017-10-13T09:15:26+00:00

Wedding Book Sonja & Elvin 05-08-16

On the 5th of August in 2016, Sonja and Elvin gave each other the big YES. Truly honored and enthusiastic, Iconick took care of the actual wedding photoshoot, as well as a book in which these glorious moments are showcased in full glory. View the photos [...]

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Aruba 2015 Through the Lens of Iconick

In 2015, the second trip to this beautiful island took place. A lot of new pictures have been presented in this new book. Just follow me and my lens. Wandering lands. Crossing seas. Flying skies. And get guided. Explore. Express. Expand. View the photos View the One Regular Day video [...]

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Aruba 2014 Through the Lens of Iconick

This is a dedication to everyone I spent time with during my beloved holidays in Aruba. I took a lot of pictures which are represented in this colorful book. Thank you all for being a part of the big picture!

Aruba 2014 Through the Lens of Iconick2020-04-23T01:08:03+00:00
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