Flagstaff 2018

Population (2018) Size Country 72,000 171 km² United States of America Living in the United States of America has been a blast in this delightful little city in the mountains. With around 72,000 inhabitants and a vivid campus life for NAU students, Flagstaff is located at a 7,000 feet elevation. Although [...]

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Live Free Documentary [2018]

© Copyright 2018 Iconick People have the tendency to give in when others say they cannot do something, when situations seem undoable or when other restrictions occur. Stepping aside from what is known and familiar is what got me freed from my own restriction. So I was wondering... what are other people's [...]

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Hunter’s Journey

Being inspired by the freedom along the road of Route 66. It remembers Hunter of the personal journey of people to be someone – to identify oneself. Hunter is the author of an in-depth, braided essay. Iconick, in addition, captures this essence in the field of location portraiture. Our unique collaboration exemplifies how [...]

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Three-Way Lighting With Mélanie

The Knoles Garage in Flagstaff has always caught my eye for its versatile location. As it appears perfect for experimenting with light, I went shooting with Mélanie. Making use of natural light, a gold reflector and external light showcases the strength of light manipulation.

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