De Ideale Allochtoon Documentary [2020]

© Copyright 2020 Iconick De Ideale Allochtoon (The Ideal Foreigner) is a 26-minute documentary film about the racism Asian females in the Netherlands face on a daily basis. Sparked by the ignorance of others, we witness how a community responds to xenophobia and hate through sensitive but ultimately positive discussions about the [...]

De Ideale Allochtoon Documentary [2020]2022-07-05T08:56:24+00:00

Live Free Documentary [2018]

© Copyright 2018 Iconick People have the tendency to give in when others say they cannot do something, when situations seem undoable or when other restrictions occur. Stepping aside from what is known and familiar is what got me freed from my own restriction. So I was wondering... what are other people's [...]

Live Free Documentary [2018]2020-04-23T00:35:12+00:00
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