Lia de Craen Atelier 10 Jaar Jubileum

As an abstract painter, Lia de Craen has developed a well-known and unique style, with which she attained a remarkable status in Breda and its surroundings. On the 12th of March, her 10 year anniversary was happily celebrated and visited by many friends, family and clients.

Lia de Craen Atelier 10 Jaar Jubileum2020-04-22T23:34:07+00:00

R&R 25 Years of Marriage

June 4th, 2016 marks 25 years of the marriage of Ron and Rose. In order to celebrate this properly, there was a lot of family, food, music and dancing. Selamat!

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Project TriX Recap

A special birthday deserves a special surprise party. This is Project TriX!

Project TriX Recap2020-04-23T00:05:52+00:00

50 Years of Marriage

It's May 10th. We're celebrating 50 years of marriage. With family love at its finest.

50 Years of Marriage2020-04-21T13:36:18+00:00
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