Berlin 2018 Through the Lens of Iconick

Berlin in the building! Of course, many people who visited the German capital know it is a vibrant and diverse city, full of great food, vivid street culture and interesting places. But have you been to a deserted theme park? An abandoned child's hospital? A secret look-out point that only few people know [...]

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Petal to the Metal (Apr 2019)

Petal to the Metal (Apr 2019) Lyrics: © Iconick – Van de Lijn Af (16) Afstand wordt gelegd, ja, de stappenteller telt al Zet mezelf buiten spel, een baller zonder elftal Ik ben van de lijn af als prepaid telly’s Van de lijn als een daggoe die vrij snel is Ik ben geen [...]

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One Regular Semester in the United States of America

This video is the sixth part of the One Regular Day Series in which Iconick shares his travel adventures. In this special episode not one regular day is depicted, but rather a whole semester. In the course of five months, the traveling span included cities in the desert, metropolitans and even a [...]

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Rome 2018 Through the Lens of Iconick

Ohh, Rome. You're so bellissima. From ancient savagery to symbolic romance. From bottles of limoncello to tasty gnocchi. From me to you: it has been another amazing chapter in life. View the photos

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Solar Recharge (Dec 2018)

Solar Recharge (Dec 2018) Lyrics: © Iconick - Kers op de Cake (16) Yo yo, zijn er nog statements gemaakt? Want ik ben nog steeds daar als sfeer in de feestzaal Als de kers op de cake gaat, een vers die ik schreef, ja Luister goed, want ik praat nu face-to-face, maat Al [...]

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Time to Momo App Experience

Time to Momo is a Dutch based provider of unique travel guides – both digital through the app and physical. Since the guides consist of the best recommendations by locals of each and every destination, the app should take the experience one step further. As a concept proposal video, view the exciting [...]

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Sometimes (Nov 2018)

Sometimes (Nov 2018) Lyrics: © Iconick - Soms (16) Soms is het zinvol om comfort om te schoppen Soms en steeds vaker blijk ik incapabel om te stoppen Soms ga ik maar door en door en door Soms kan je me roepen maar denk maar niet dat ik hoor Soms denk ik dat [...]

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Bliepobrype (Oct 2018)

Bliepobrype (Oct 2018) Lyrics: © Iconick - Bliepobrype (16) Gaat de zon laag, brada, ik sta op De deur mag open gaan nog voordat ik aanklop Zet er vaart achter, wees 'ns daadkrachtig Ik zeg 't maar, men doet vaak lastig Men moet vaak lachen, men loert aandachtig Men roept vaag; ik waag [...]

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United States of America 2018 Through the Lens of Iconick

Finally. It is here. The visual journey through the U.S. in which I tried to visit as many inspiring places as possible. 680 pages of dedication, presented to you. Buy it here Watch the One Regular Semester video [...]

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Berlin 2018

Population (2018) Size Country 5,500,000 892 km² Germany Berlin, Germany macht Spaß! From extraordinary landmarks such as Bierpinsel to the Charlottenburg palace and abandoned child hospital Weißensee, the historic capital of Germany includes it all. Quickly dive into this adventure! View the book [...]

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iXXXi Jewelry Editorial

Glitter and glamour on your screen. On behalf of iXXXi JEWELRY, this editorial sheds light on the newest collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces – worn by elegant model Stephanie. Check out the full blog post here!

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