Up Close (December 2017)

Lyrics: © Iconick - Naast Me, Naaste Neem plaats naast me, naaste, ik zweef en fluit Buig over mijn stad heen als een regenbui Genoeg zaken waarbij ik nog mijn twijfels heb We praten over respect, maar echt, het sijpelt weg Men cijfert weg, men stoot af en men verlaat De hele weg [...]

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Believe (Speech 2017)

Everyone wants to do big things. Everyone must understand one is capable to do so. Mostly, it isn't the obstruction that they fear: it is the what-ifs that cause one to terminate one's desires - raised by opinions of others, internal uncertainties or other factors. Press pause. Discover your self-worth in small [...]

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Sneaker’A’Fair 2.0 – 2017

After a successful first edition in 2016, SNEAKER'A'FAIR is back in 2.0 style. For this edition, also, Iconick was assigned to produce an event recap that shows off the amiable vibe. [...]

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Sneakerness Rotterdam 2017

Once it's Sneakerness time, my mind gets all jolly. Why? Because that means I am going to gather with all my sneaker friends from all over the world again. Precisely that happened, but now for the first time in Rotterdam. Hence; extra jolly! Iconick was fortunate enough to host a photo booth sponsored by CameraNU, which [...]

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Peek Through (October 2017)

Lyrics: © Iconick - Door de Dageraad (16) Probeer weerstand te bieden tegen 'dadelijk' Want hoe dan ook, roep ik ook, tijd is wreed, verradelijk Ik heb bewijzen die alles overschreden Zo word ik omgeleid door mijn hypothese, niet mijn geweten Ik mis het jong zijn, spelen... samen met mijn neven Het zorgeloze [...]

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ASM 2017

On September 24th, I attended Approved Sneakers Market 2017. Among the visitors, who were dynamically searching for a fresh pair of sneakers, time was found to shoot some pictures of great footwear. "It's more than just a pair of shoes..." Wearing the Nike Air Jordan 1 "Royal", my friend Mahedhi Schoonhoven sadly passed [...]

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Perfetti Van Melle Sweet Green Golf Tournament 2017 Aftermovie

On September 15th in 2017, the annual Sweet Green Golf Tournament of Perfetti van Melle took place in Rijsbergen. During the day, all sorts of business partners and personnel were gathered on the beautiful golf courses to have fun and enjoy the summer sun. The assignment is on behalf of BYC Productions. [...]

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Iconick Agenda 2017 – 2018

Iconick presents the new agenda for 2017 - 2018. The one agenda that chases your dreams. The one that strives to get the best out of you. A simplistic agenda with 174 pages filled with all your organizing essentials; a year planner, contacts, rosters, notes and much more. Original images, inspiring quotes and [...]

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Bournemouth 2017 Through the Lens of Iconick

Even though three hectic weeks of TV show production (pssst, Outdated and The Riddle) passed by like a flash, the stay in Bournemouth felt truly astonishing. Nearly every moment in between work was utilized to collect footage for this atmospheric book. Buy it here View the photos View the One Regular Day [...]

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Bournemouth 2017

Population (2017) Size Country 194,800 46 km² United Kingdom Happily looking back at three stunning weeks in Bournemouth. The atmosphere is nice and tidy, people in the streets are vastly kind and the environment is absolutely eye-catching. I have also explored London and other parts of Dorset, such as Swanage and [...]

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In the Right Direction (July 2017)

Lyrics: © Iconick - Naar Voren (16) [Dutch] Ik kijk niet achterom, alleen maar naar voren Wil niets anders dan natuurgeluid horen Zij het vogels, de zee, of de waaiende wind De Piramide van Maslow is waar het fraaie begint Voel me één met het grondvlak waar ik sta Voel me thuis maar [...]

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