In the build-up to BREWED Issue #3 2016-2017, the Marketing Department focused on highlighting the magazine release. To engage readers and awaken their interest, a lot of weekly online articles were written as well. Iconick paused in the movie landscape, in order to give an honest and detailed review about three different movies: Demain Tout CommenceLaw Abiding Citizen and Le Magasin des Suicides.

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Demain Tout Commence (2017)

As the French title already suggests, ‘tomorrow everything begins’ is compelling a dramatic event. A certain unforeseen happening that is, for protagonist Samuel, who expresses devotion towards his easy-going job as a captain of a boat in Marseille. He enjoys life while having late-night parties and sleeping with several girls. The rhythm of his extraordinary beach life alters immediately when Kristin, a forgotten fuck buddy, shows up.

Though Samuel thinks she’s joking, Kristin announces that the baby she is holding is actually Samuel’s. Samuel doesn’t believe her and asks her to leave. As she asks for 20 euros to pay the taxi, Kristin walks away and leaves Samuel with baby Gloria. Following the info Samuel can find on her Facebook page, he ends up desperately seeking in London. After losing his job and his wallet, Samuel decides to work there as a stuntman for Bernie, an enthusiastic film producer.

The eight following years Samuel raises Gloria with much love and dedication. All of a sudden Kristin shows up again, implying that she now wants to be a mother for Gloria. The story unfolds in striking plot twists, which drags the viewer in an immersive journey that seeks for the best for Gloria.

Demain Tout Commence is a wonderful comedy drama and remake of ‘No Se Aceptan Devoluciones’ (2013). The film builds up quickly and naturally, which blurs the feeling of watching a two-hours lasting story. Omar Sy develops his character surprisingly well – as we have observed earlier in ‘Intouchables’ – into a caring man. A palpable contrast arises when the sense of a reckless life flow gets replaced by actual responsibilities. As Clémence Poésy fulfills the role of Kristin credibly, the expression of guiltiness, shame and restlessness makes for a great portrayal of a struggling mother. The lasting time frame in which Gloria, played by Gloria Colston, doesn’t comprehend the absence of her mother figure gets compromised by sensible jokes of Bernie, played by Antoine Bertrand. Although the plot didn’t feel like a smooth disclosure, we believe that Demain Tout Commence makes for an appealing film to enjoy for all audiences.

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Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

The doorbell rings. You tell your wife you’ll open up. You ask your daughter if she wants to go wash her hands before dinner. Once you open the door, the first thing you see is not a face, but a wooden bat being smashed in your face. Your body hits the ground, whilst a knife cuts through your chest and your hands get cuffed. Two criminals kill your wife right in front of you and take away your daughter. “You can’t fight fate” is what they tell you. The only thing you can do is laying there. Helpless. Torn. Devastated.

It happens to Clyde Shelton, played by Gerard Butler. On this regular day his whole life falls into pieces. The follow-up of this drastic crime is chasing down the offenders and putting them behind bars. Unfortunately, his lawyer, Nick Rice, explains that it’s not that easy; even though Clyde may have witnessed the murders with his own eyes, it’s about what you can prove in court. Hence, due to the preconceived lack of evidence, murderer Clarence Darby gets acquitted. Rupert Ames, the other criminal, gets sentenced to death.

From that moment Clyde intends to serve justice in his own way. He assures the criminals to suffer a highly painful death, after which he gets arrested and put in jail. Opposing to what the police may think, this is exactly what he wants, as he is able to fight the complete juridical system without leaving a single trace. Whilst Nick and his partners assume it’s a row of executions based on revenge, it is actually a rigid lesson of… well, justice.

For everybody who is in favor of a mind-blowing tense of action, Law Abiding Citizen consists of all the ingredients. If there would be a moment of not being convinced of the strengths of Gerard Butler or Jamie Foxx, it would be erased from existence right away. The no-mercy-appearance from Jamie Foxx prods the mental breakdown of Gerard’s character. Becoming part of a vivacious chain reaction to injustice culminates in ultimate viewer’s enjoyment.

Le Magasin des Suicides (2012)

Another film that indicates a surprising concept of a French producer, namely Patrice Leconte. Le Magasin des Suicides – basically The Suicide Shop – is a 75-minutes animation film narrating the story of a dark city in which everybody is deeply depressed and has few urge to live any longer. As you walk along with a somber inhabitant who is singing his last chanson, you’ll see the only bright spot in the city: Magasin des Suicides. This is an alternative shop ran by the Tuvache family, providing various attributes to help visitors with that one last decision.

Though the assortment is filled with razor blades, ropes and toxic potions, the birth of their third child, Alan, is a derisory predicament for the reputation of the store. Not because he is a bad kid, but rather because of his ostensibly happy character, which is genuinely antithetical to a suicide shop. His happiness seems unstoppable, even when his father Mishima encourages him to smoke cigarettes and stop laughing in general. However, Alan puts effort in sharing a portion of his joy with others. It is quite questionable if his parents will appreciate his belligerent attitude towards their philosophy, but it definitely indicates a unique family portrait as never seen before.

The respectively short animation film is characterized by its easy-to-follow thematic elements and detailed depictions. This may cause several predictable scenes, though it wouldn’t be inferior to the actual enjoyment of the film. In spite of the songs not being really catchy, the overall atmosphere gets represented in such a solid way that it captivates the viewer right along. Perhaps it has something to do with the innocence of the young child. Storyline itself appears far from futile, instead a fair tip to consider when encountering that rainy sunday at home!

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