Being inspired by the freedom along the road of Route 66. It remembers Hunter of the personal journey of people to be someone – to identify oneself. Hunter is the author of an in-depth, braided essay. Iconick, in addition, captures this essence in the field of location portraiture. Our unique collaboration exemplifies how two visual minds merge into a storytelling adventure through one of the most historical roads of the United States.

Note: Make sure to view the additional information underneath the series.

The shoot of Hunter’s Journey was part of a project in which two photographers worked together to portray a noteworthy, promising author. Together with fellow photographer Shannon Swain, Iconick conducted several scouting and shooting sessions. As a result, both showcased their best works during the Location Portraiture Exhibition in the Cline Library located in Flagstaff. For all works got supported by a QR code that redirected one to the author’s essay, Hunter’s excerpt read the following:

“Who are you? Who do you see looking back at you? You are so different from the person in the mirror and the person in the shop window – the boy smoking on the side of the street. Four miles and part way back, and you still have no idea who you are.” (Four Miles and Partway Back)