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De Ideale Allochtoon (The Ideal Foreigner) is a 26-minute documentary film about the racism Asian females in the Netherlands face on a daily basis. Sparked by the ignorance of others, we witness how a community responds to xenophobia and hate through sensitive but ultimately positive discussions about the perception of Asian females in the Netherlands and the responsibility to view every individual as equal.

Directing: Iconick
Production: Iconick
DOP: Iconick
Camera: Iconick
Edit: Iconick
Sound: Iconick
Visuals: Iconick

Protagonist 1: Kunya Hoang
Protagonist 2: Xuan Thai
Protagonist 3: Rui Jun Luong

Talent 1: Wesley van den Berg
Talent 2: Nina Smeijsters
Talent 3: Rachel Sommers
Talent 4: Wesley van den Bossche
Talent 5: Naomi Melchers

Talent 6: Carlijn Peeters
Talent 7: Sam Lemlijn
Talent 8: Jac Engels
Talent 9: Sara Acuña Martins
Talent 10: Rosalyn Sofia van Oosten

Talent 11: Philip Dirven
Talent 12: Robin Kuijper
Talent 13: Joshua Passania (Voice-Over)
Talent 14: Lilou Trifonas
Talent 15: Aiden Trifonas
Talent 16: Mark Suister

Special thanks: Breda University of Applied Sciences | Arleen Cuevas

Music credits:
Uniq – Art of Silence – Dramatic/Cinematic
Ashamaluevmusic – Cinematic Documentary
Serentiy – Lofi Hiphop Beat

Prior to the release, I proudly announced the release of my new documentary De Ideale Allochtoon (The Ideal Foreigner), which premiered on April 9th at 19:00 (07:00 PM CET) on Facebook. It delves into the stories of three Dutch-Asian females who fight the racist encounters they face on a daily basis.

The filming of the documentary did, well, not go without any mistakes… ?