Brno 2019

Population (2019) Size Country 378,000 230 km² Czech Republic Being the second biggest city of the Czech Republic, visiting Brno has been truly delightful. Not only is the level of touristic rush notably less than in the capital, it also holds tons of interesting sights to check out! Hop in the [...]

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Brussels 2018

Population (2018) Size Country 11,376,070 161 km² Belgium Perfect weather conditions during this trip to the capital of Belgium. Above all explored spots, it can carefully be confirmed that Manneken Pis is indeed Europe's most disappointing attraction. [...]

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Grand Canyon 2018

Size Country 435 km long, between 15 and 29 km wide United States of America The Grand Canyon is probably the most famous canyon in the United States. It is located in Northern Arizona and has two parts: the North Rim and the South Rim. Due to dangerous conditions in extreme [...]

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