Time to Momo App Experience

Time to Momo is a Dutch based provider of unique travel guides – both digital through the app and physical. Since the guides consist of the best recommendations by locals of each and every destination, the app should take the experience one step further. As a concept proposal video, view the exciting [...]

Time to Momo App Experience2020-04-21T13:28:53+00:00

22nd Street Commercial [2016]

A nice night out with friends can have major consequences. Make sure you act responsible when drinking. Try 22nd Street, and make it a night to never forget. Iconick operated the camera, edited the video and took care of the design of the logo.

22nd Street Commercial [2016]2020-04-23T01:52:25+00:00

IconickSoles x Sneaker Essentials | Repainting Sneakers With SneakersER

IconickSoles and Sneaker Essentials are repainting sneaker midsoles with the Premium Midsole Paint Marker from SneakersER. Watch and learn how you can make creases and cracks disappear, and enjoy your refreshed pair of sneakers!

IconickSoles x Sneaker Essentials | Repainting Sneakers With SneakersER2020-04-23T01:35:33+00:00

Iconick Portfolio Book

This video displays the portfolio of Iconick in a compact book. In the name of self-development I use several forces to build something out of nothing. That's what makes me Iconick.

Iconick Portfolio Book2020-04-23T01:23:53+00:00

IconickSoles | Dry N Fly

IconickSoles is testing Liquiproof on a brand new pair of shoes. Watch and learn how this great technique keeps your shoegame Dry N Fly!

IconickSoles | Dry N Fly2020-04-23T01:10:36+00:00

Aruba 2014 Through the Lens of Iconick

This is a dedication to everyone I spent time with during my beloved holidays in Aruba. I took a lot of pictures which are represented in this colorful book. Thank you all for being a part of the big picture!

Aruba 2014 Through the Lens of Iconick2020-04-23T01:08:03+00:00
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