Sneakerness Rotterdam 2019

What a great edition it has been again – Sneakerness Rotterdam 2019. I am so glad to have seen new faces, old faces, young and old, sneaker enthusiasts, sneaker newbies... Just every single soul that came by to catch a vibe at my photo booth: thank you deeply! I crave your enthusiasm and [...]

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iXXXi Jewelry Editorial

Glitter and glamour on your screen. On behalf of iXXXi JEWELRY, this editorial sheds light on the newest collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces – worn by elegant model Stephanie. Check out the full blog post here!

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A Bit of Insight As social media provides one with a lot of personal insights of one’s life, it often gets used by employers as well. According to surveys, 70% of all employers check out their potential applicants before hiring. Even though I understand the temptation of doing so on the very accessible internet [...]


The Non-Disguise

Let's Go Out Students love to go out. It opens doors to socialization and enjoying party time with others, temporarily escaping from one’s daily reality and spending a fair amount of money on alcohol. For lots of people that sounds like unlimited fun. I, for one, experience the hassle that comes with entering clubs. [...]

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A New Cultural Experience

New Experiences Being an exchange student enriches. A lot. Not only because of what is being taught in a completely different environment or the new experiences one gains, but especially because of the cultural aspect. Working together with foreign and domestic students supports the educational, personal and social perspective, which makes ‘going to college’ [...]

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Have a Mind on Your Own

Him Deity remains strong. Believing in a god makes for balance in lifestyle, societal belonging and liberation of the mind for many. In light of the core of belief, I find that persuasion, or personal selling that is, towards belief should be prohibited - as belief should derive from one’s actual mind. There is [...]

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Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Out There The world is yours, really, once your dare to step outside of your comfort zone. Thomas is my friend and the living proof of it, as he hitchhiked from the Netherlands to a Portuguese festival. Hitchhiking is a concept that has been sticking around for centuries, and I sincerely hope it will [...]

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Mass Impact

The 30th Mass Shooting Florida has recently been shadowed in another mass shooting, robbing 17 people from their promising lives. This marks the 30th U.S. mass shooting of 2018, even though not even two months have passed. Since one can still walk up to the nearest Walmart and buy a rifle, I believe it [...]

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Flagstaff Through A Dutchie’s Eyes

From the Netherlands With Love Whoever has flown over Amsterdam knows how the Netherlands values a structurized landscape of cultivated fields and houses that are perfectly aligned in rows. In my home country, people generally fantasize in awe about America, the country of unlimited possibilities. Being an exchange student, this article provides its reader [...]

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Hasta Luego, Cuba

So What About Cuba? Cuba experiences its best touristic year of the decade, due to the improved relation with the United States. As an old-fashioned soul, I express how I fear change of the country’s unique characteristics in the possibly near future. Cuba Then, Cuba Now Cuba and the United States go back. Way [...]

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Trump’s Promise

The Leader of All Leaders From entrepreneurial excellence till the most important job in the world: Trump is established. This article provides its reader with a breakdown of accomplishments of the person who claims to Make America Great Again and how I reflect on it. Oh, Donald... “My fingers are long and beautiful, as, [...]

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Your Device Has Lost Connection

Welcome To Your Life The world moves in a staggering fast pace. We, as curious and non-stop renewing individuals, strive to move along. This century taught us to blend into virtual Whatsapp group conversations, ask assistance of all-knowing Siri and add dimensions to our ordinary lives by looking through VR glasses. This text focuses [...]

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