Everyone wants to do big things. Everyone must understand one is capable to do so. Mostly, it isn’t the obstruction that they fear: it is the what-ifs that cause one to terminate one’s desires – raised by opinions of others, internal uncertainties or other factors. Press pause. Discover your self-worth in small things. Be there for yourself. And, most importantly, realize who you are, because you matter.

NOTE: See full transcript below!

Speech Transcript

Dear viewer of this video.
I got something I must say and must show.
I’m here to speak about the power of individuals.
I’m here for those who would like the visuals.
The images of hard work, where people run fast for.
Where people stand up to kick and go past doors.
The path that is enlightened by will and discipline.
My voice as a tool for those who’ve been listening.
So let me shoot this clip again…

Say you look up to mom and dad.
Who see you grow up to make the next step.
Motivate to go ahead and take the next left.
And follow your dream as long as it makes bread.
Keep them proud to brag, without having the ack-
Knowledge of being that, but just be you.
Even if society seems to not fully look through.
Even if they may say ‘aye, you should lean back and go elsewhere’.
Even if they may neglect the first stages of welfair.
Even if your surroundings rotate or flip aside.
Remember to always go for own pride and own strive.

And go deep, give unbelievers a mental sweep.
Let them sleep on everything you seek and truly believe.
Turn your back against time wasters and parasites.
Keep setting arrows on your way to paradise.
Some may say that staring too long is awkward.
But my only way to look at things is forward I rather stay true and gain a view.
Than laying low and peak too few Motivation has never been off, it only caught dust.
Which is why I pick it up and brush it off.
And one should do the same, ’cause it’s no pain no gain.
Go low profile with no fame, no shame.

Go against the ethics and keep your role a mystery.
Live the pattern in which you suspend the disbelief.
And prove ’em all wrong, let their assumptions dry out.
See the past as a try-out and tonight as a night out.
All the way without any form of barricades.
Pick a surfboard ’cause it’s gonna be a better wave.
A better day and you’re already halfway there.
You came from far not intending to stay there.

We are programmed to embrace mistakes.
Pave our ways and take our stakes.
We exchange hate for faith.
Misbehave a day; create a craze.
We slay the day and trade the stage.
Of today’s maze for the promised gate of fate.
We integrate the champion’s way, chances we must generate.
And then I say my phrase.
In case you may need my word of advice.
I’d say roll the dice and keep your stakes sky high.

Desires on the rise and let me imply.
That dreams are the things on which one should keep an eye.
Whatever comes next is whatever comes next.
And that’s where freedom intensely gets context.
The real purpose of your true self.
May require you to go full stealth.
Make sacrifices and don’t look back.
Be dedicated like a junkie who cooks crack.

Be the one true believer of you and you only.
March forward on the road brickey and stoney.
The vibe is holy, sometimes you’re lonely.
But most of what they whistle is great baloney.
Don’t give in to external forces – it’s rubbish.
Better look at the things that you accomplish.
And realize who you are – you matter.
Make all the hold-backs shatter and always do better.

Always do better.