Have you ever seen a very elegant design that caught your attention?


Iconick got you covered! Besides going in-depth at important values and ideas, a creatively fitting look is everything. Let’s make something great.


Do you ever feel like this specific moment would be a perfect one to capture?


Then Iconick will frame it! Armed with a hefty camera, the most perfect memories will be captured in order to captivate and inspire others.


Have you ever seen events in life as parts of a clip you would like to replay - over and over again?


Well, that is what Iconick represents. Providing the viewer with surprising angles and appealing edits help to evoke that one special feeling.


Do you ever miss out on the warm touch of creative content?


That’s where the writing of Iconick comes in. Enlightening and moving the reader with intriguing texts will help to leave a sense of happiness.



By request Nick developed a very intersting and directly applicable ‘image workshop’ for MBO students. The way he presented the (theoretical) information in a very practical way, grabbed interest and invited students to use the theory immediately. Not the easiest target group to interest for 4 hours straight, but he did just that.

Sem van Manen-de Vries, MBO Theaterschool

Iconick created an awesome “how-to” video for Sneaker Essentials! Next to making beautiful photography and videography, he communicates very well to match his work with the requirements we had. I will definitely work with him again!

Edaine Bernadina, Sneaker Essentials

Iconick is famous for his awesome sneakershots. Because of this, we chose him to shoot our wedding. He is really a professional and easy to work with. The photos turned out really, really beautiful. Would highly recommend him for your wedding or other photoshoots.

Elvin de Vries

Great work, keep it up!

Benjamin Chicot, Sneakers Event

Iconick did a great job! The artwork of Quality2Comply fits perfectly with what my company stands for: reliability, no-nonsense and Quality with a creative touch.

Miranda Toebak, Quality2Comply

Professional and clear script. Co-creates. Expressed my message very well. Happy with the video about my work!

Iconick is our go to guy when we need a professional photographer for our Sneakerness events. Providing high quality, detailed on foot sneaker-shots he’s always making us and our visitors very happy. Pleasure to work with, highly recommended!

Matthijs van der Meulen, Sneakerness

He knows how to bring the vision of his client to life with his progressive eye, even when it is only a figment of imagination. Creative, passionate and ambitious are the characteristics that describe Iconick as a designer. I am very proud of the Blossom by Sheen logo, a unique logo made by the one and only Iconick. I will definitely make use of his services in the future, too.

Shereena Badal, Blossom by Sheen